Preparatory classes

ISEP, 2016-2018
Preparatory classes are a common way to integrate Schools in France. It is a two-year undergraduate intensive course in mathematics , physics and computing science.
Subject studied
  • Physic (Electromagnetism, Optic, Mechanism)
  • Signal Analysis
  • Algorithm fundamentals ( Pyhton, Matlab)
  • Language classes: English and Chinese
Projects realized
  • Nao robot programing
  • Electromagnetism simulation with pyhton

Academic semester

Wrexham Glyndwr University, Wales, 2018
At the end of my 2 undergraduate classes I went to Wales to improve my english and to discover new way of work and different subjects.
Subject studied
  • Ethic applied to computer science
  • Software developement UML conception and realization in C#
  • Mobile application developement ( Android Studio)
Projects realized
  • Gym register system : A C# member management system
  • Old school android RPG

Master of Engineering specialized in computer science

ISEP, 2018-2021
During those three years I specialized myself into data analysis ( major called Data intelligence). It differs from previous years in that the years are structured around semester and years projects. Subject Studied
Subject studied
  • Web developement ( HTML & CSS / Javascript / PHP / MySQL)
  • Electronic and signal analysis
  • Network, Cisco courses ( CCNA 1)
  • Probabilities and mathematics applied to data analysis and problem solving with R Studio and Python
  • Macro economy and management
Projects realized
  • Developement of a strategy game called Domination in JAVA. Adding simple AI to play the game.
  • Creation of an autonomous house from scratch (started with an arduino card ). Possibility to control different connected objects ( light, shutters, fans ...) via a web based interface.